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Safety Audit is a management tool comprising of a systematic, periodic and objective evaluation of plant, personnel and processes to judge how well the safety organisation, management and equipment are performing, with the aim to safeguard human lives, company assets by facilitating management control of health & safety practices and assessing compliance with established standards & legal requirements.

It's a Scored Assessment

You'll get Risk Based Findings & Recommendations

Get a scored assessment of your safety system based on the capability maturity model through Consultivo’s protoSafe.


Consultivo is one of the leading business audit firms in Kolkata. Our safety audit service is best suited to organisations that require a detailed and objective evaluation of their occupational health and safety management system. The audit identifies the areas of strength & weakness and provides a structured approach to continual improvement.

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Safety Audit Criteria

PROTOSAFE – The standardised safety audit protocol is:

  • Industry-specific
  • Risk-focused
  • Modular
  • Can be customised as per organisational need

Inputs for ‘PROTOSAFE



A structured report consisting of:

  • Gaps against requirements in the form of findings
  • Recommendations to meet the gaps
  • Risk rating and prioritisation
  • Safety performance index through scoring based on maturity model

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Consultivo is one of the leading Independent Third Party Safety Audit Companies. Our safety audits are considered as a management tool and being conducted by competent Safety Auditors. The audit identifies the areas of strength & weakness and provides a structured approach to continual improvement.


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Unique features

  1. One audit serves both purposes:
    • compliance to statutory safety audit requirements
    • Serves as the basis of improvement
  1. Can be used as a tool for safety excellence journey
  2. Risk focused report can be used for board level strategic decision making and resource allocation
  3. First step for Three Stage Third-party Comprehensive Safety Surveillance Program (CSSP)

Consultivo occupational health safety OHS safety excellence journey

We’ve worked with 100+ Global Safety Standards

and developed a number of Codes & Standards on Safety, Social Accountability, Environmental Protection & Business Ethics. Our extensive and decade long Safety Advisory experience helped us to gather more experiences on National/International Codes, Standards and legal requirements.

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