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In-House Training Programs – Organisations are using an in-company or in-house approach to deliver training to their people to fit around the demands of their business and ensuring that everything delegates learn is relevant to their needs. These In-house or In-company courses are flexible in terms of where and when you choose to train.

Consultivo Academy is one of the quality training providers of in-company safety courses and can deliver existing courses, adapt a course to meet your requirements or create a course specifically for you.

Consultivo Academy’s in-company or In-house option will bring this course to you, enabling you to train more employees at once, saving time and money on travel and accommodation.


Experience engaged learning specially designed for the adult learners (managers). Through our research & development process, we are continuously innovating new ways to meet the changing needs of our learners


Employees trained in ConSkills safety programs make their workplaces safer for everyone. ConSkills offers a variety of custom built worker safety training options to fit your requirements.

More than 86% of the participants trained by Consultivo Academy are found to be satisfied with the overall training experience.

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In-Company On Site (ICOS) option

Few of the courses demand skill or competence development apart from building understanding and knowledge on the participants. In case the course is planned to be conducted within or in the vicinity of the work environment, we use the On-Site visit and reality learning option. The participants will be conducting the case studies from their workplace directly. The trainer guides and also ensures that participants get a practical learning experience.

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