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8 & 9 July 2022

2 pm to 6 pm (Total 8 Hrs)

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OHS Legal Training

OHS Legal Training – Understanding of applicable legal requirements & their systematic requirements is a fundamental element in any safety management system.

This course will provide delegates with a broad understanding of the OHS legal framework in India to understand, appreciate & respect their responsibility related to legal requirements. They will also know the legal requirements applicable to their activities.

They will use the collaborative learning from the course and apply critical thinking skills to conduct an incident investigation during the course.

It will enable organisations to meet their moral and legal obligations to comply with the country specific legal requirements.

Course Duration

  • One day: Understanding and awareness level course
  • Two days: Understanding, awareness and detail study to cover focus legislations applicable for that particular organisation
  • Three days: Greater coverage on the focus legislations and practical hands on case-studies are unique features of the three-day duration course.
  • May request for a customised 6-hour eLearning module

The course-duration can be chosen depending on the requirement, course coverage and target participants.

Course Coverage

This course features a collaborative problem-based learning approach that provides an individual competence building experience through an overview, basic and detailed knowledge of OHS Legislation: Acts, Rules, approach, compliance process and reporting.

Topics covered include:

  • Introduction to Indian legal framework related to occupational health & safety (OHS)
  • Basic legal doctrine, jurisprudence w.r.t OHS regulations
  • Specific responsibilities of the occupier/ factory manager/ safety officer related to fatality / serious accidents and compliance obligations
  • Statutory reporting
  • Determining negligence, vicarious & strict liability, willful violation, harm/damages/penalties, duties of role holders
  • Practical exercises and case study
  • Action Items – at the end of this course, participants would compile a list of action items based on their learning to apply back on the job

Coverage of legislations under OHS Legal Training:

  • The Factories Act /The State Factory Rules
  • The Building and Other Construction Workers (Regulation of Employment and Conditions of Service) Act – BOCW
  • The Static and Mobile Pressure Vessels (Unfired) Rules
  • Indian Electricity Act and Rules
  • Indian Explosive Act & Rules
  • The Boiler Act/ The Boiler Regulations
  • The Petroleum Act and Rules
  • Gas Cylinder Rules
  • Manufacture, Storage and Import of Hazardous Chemical Rules/ Amendment Rules
  • The Factories (Control of Industrial Major Accidents Hazards) Rules
  • National Building Code
  • Public Liability Insurance Act & Rules
  • Workmen Compensation act
  • Hazardous Waste Rules
  • Calcium Carbide Storage & Handling Rules
  • Batteries Rules (Management & Handling)
  • Indian Railways Act & Rules (inbound)
  • Chemical Accidents (Emergency Planning, Preparedness & Response) Rules
  • Central Motor Vehicle Rules
  • The Atomic Energy (Radiation Protection) Rules

The course can be tailor made in terms of duration, level of detail, and according to company requirements. The organisation can choose selected acts/rules (Focus Legislations) relevant to their industry to cover in greater details. Focus Legislations are covered with detail kinaesthetic case studies and situational simulations.

consultivo ohs legal requirements training infographic

Training is suitable for line managers, operations and maintenance managers, technical, and maintenance engineers, supervisors, safety representatives – and anyone with the responsibility of compliance management.

However, Consultivo Academy can design & develop this course for any set of target participants as per the need of the organisation.

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Fundamental knowledge of the participants on safety management, occupational health & safety hazards and their control measures will enhance the effectiveness of attending the course.

  • This OHS Legal Training course has been designed to help businesses to comply with applicable Occupational Health & Safety (OHS) legislation by a clear and comprehensive techno-legal understanding of OSH legislation with respect to intent/preamble enforcement mechanism and status, Act by Act
  • It will enable the participant to make practical improvements & positive contributions to the existing work practices by complying with the relevant OHS legislations
  • Build stakeholder confidence through promoting a mature approach to compliance
  • It will strengthen the appreciation of the individual’s role, responsibilities/obligations rights under various OHS legislations

Successful Completion of the OHS Legal Requirements course earns you a Consultivo Academy Certificate, an industry-accepted & recognised safety programme based on proven best training practices.

Nationally/Internationally accepted certificates are issued by Consultivo Academy. You may also opt for a joint certificate by Consultivo Academy & ICC (Indian Chamber of Commerce).

  • An assessment of the competency improvement on OHS Legal requirements & their use in that particular industry is also suggested after a certain time interval
  • It is recommended that participants go through an e-learning refresher course once a year and instructor-led refresher training once every three years

Consultivo courses are equipped with Pre and Post course assessments (where applicable) to evaluate the learning effectiveness.

Trainers’ Profile: All Consultivo trainers are having 15-30 years of hand-on industry experiences backed up by relevant education and professional qualifications. They are also specially trained in the training skills and techniques and adult learning pedagogy.

Certified course by Consultivo Academy
Course ID – CT/532
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