Essentials of HR Legal Compliance Training programme by Consultivo Academy

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As an HR Professional, the number of legal issues you need to be aware of can be overwhelming. Especially, when you consider the increasingly litigious nature of our society and the many nuances of employment law. You will be taking part in practical exercises that will give you a chance to practice and refine dozens of new HR techniques. With all that is at stake, this is an investment that will be well worth your time and money to gain peace of mind.

At the end of the course, the participants will be able to learn the application of the acts and its implications and penalties with case discussions and clarifications.

Consultivo Academy brings to you the Essentials of HR Legal Compliance Training programme on 8th March 2019 to inspire the excellence within you. Team It Up With Training!

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Course Name: Essentials of HR Legal Compliance Training programme

Duration: 1 day (8th March 2019)

Course type: Public training

Location: Kolkata

Certificate: Each participant will be receiving a joint certificate by Consultivo Academy & Indian Chamber of Commerce.

Registration fee details (Inclusive of GST):

ICC Members Rs. 4720/-

Non-Members Rs. 5900/-

Group participation discount:

10% off for 3 or more participants

15% off for 5 or more participants

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