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Standard Operating Procedure

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Standard Operating Procedure

A Standard Operating Procedure – SOP or Safe Work Procedure/Practice – SWP is developed to support high-level documents, certain Procedures, Process Documentations, Guidelines & Work Instructions.

They fare an integral part of the governance tools.

What’s your Standard Operating Procedure or SOP format?

Nothing is right or wrong when we decide on a format. There are many options based on your purpose, complexity & desired outcome.


This is apt for simple and routine procedures that are short and have few possible outcomes


This can be considered for long procedures


This can be very useful for complex processes or activities.


This is used for quick attention, easy understanding, and long retention and generally done through pictures, sketches and infographics with very less text.


Any two or more mentioned above – decide as per your need

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Development of Standard Operating Procedure – SOP

SOPs are very important tool for communication of requirements to the users and also serve as a basis for the internal audit and process control.


Know more how a Visual SOP can communicate more effectively.


Development of Safe Working Procedures – SWP

In fact, Safe Working Procedures (SWP) are very similar to SOPs but developed and used for ensuring safe process, system and behaviour.

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Visual Communications | SOP | SWP

It’s a type of SOP format developed with pictures, sketches, diagrams & infographics with minimum text count. This visually-enticing tool of SOP communication primarily aims to ease the basic understanding of the SOP by grabbing the quick attention. It thoroughly navigates the user through the tactful use of graphics & effective design pattern to increase the retention & understanding of the SOP.


Handy tips for you!

  •  Use simple language for your Standard Operating Procedure or Safe Working Procedure. Many times, a list of Dos and Don’ts becomes very effective.
  •  Clarify acronyms, abbreviations, and all phrases that are not very common.
  •  Be sure your SOP or an SWP remains current. Update it when necessary, get the updates re-approved and documented, and redistribute the SOP as necessary.
  • Try to align with the existing work practices, available resources and people capabilities; until unless you are working on a Business Process Re-engineering.
  •  Involve the actual users in your Standard Operating Procedure development process. This will generate greater acceptance and you may also get some great ideas.

How to write a Standard Operating Procedure?

A Standard Operating Procedure (SOP) is a document for the users to get a guide through step-by-step information on how to execute a task or activity.


  •  Decide the SOP framework
  • Find purpose
  • Decide on the structure
  • Know your user group
  • Consider your domain expertise


  •  Write the SOP
  • Cover the necessary content
  • Make your writing concise and easy to read.
  • Use diagrams and flowcharts where necessary


  •  Validate the SOP
  • Test the procedure
  • Get it reviewed by user group and line management

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Impact Stories

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Read a few of our stories as we partner in the journey towards excellence of different organisations as a management consulting firm.

food feed and agriculture visual sop development and communication

Development of communication strategy and content to initiate and manage a culture change program across the organisation.

The company is a food and agri conglomerate, dedicated to improving the productivity of Indian farmers by innovating products and services that sustainably increase crop and livestock yields. They have 62 manufacturing plants across India.

We are working with the organisation in long term basis to develop communication strategy, content and visual depiction materials. The main purpose is to facilitate the culture change program.

Our work includes development of the communication framework, Visual SOPs, Posters, email contents and many others. This was followed by the implementation facilitation process.

Relevant Standards and Protocols used:

Internal procedures, protocols and industry good practices


Manufacturing – Food, Feed and Agri

60+ Manufacturing Units Spread across India

3000+ workpersons

engineering industry visual sop development

Development of corporate operational manual covering all processes and operations.

The customer is a major supplier of Construction, Mining and Power Solutions.

The purpose of this project was standardise, optimise and enhance operational efficiency.

We developed clear and concise Manual, Procedures, SOPs, Process Maps, Flow Diagrams, Visual SOPs, Posters for critical processes. 

The successful implementation of SOPs significantly contributed to enhancing safety, efficiency, and productivity in the manufacturing processes.

Relevant Standards and Protocols used:

Organisational Operational Standards, Process Requirements, Practices, Management Systems and Industry Good standards.


Manufacturing  and Service – Heavy Earthmoving Equipment

Multiple Locations in India

Curiosity Zone

Some more answers to your questions – FAQ

A Standard Operating Procedure (SOP) or Safe Working Procedure (SWP) is a document for the users to get a guide through step-by-step information on how to execute a task or activity.

Most of the time, the structured process control documents are referred to as SOP – Standard Operating Procedure. Sometimes, we may need to modify or update an existing one or may need to write one from scratch when nothing exists. See how an SOP can be developed through a structured process.

However, this method is almost equally applicable for the development of Procedures, Work Instructions and Process Documentations with a bit of modification based on the purpose.

SWP or Safe Work Procedures/Practices are used as part of the administrative control measures in the Safety Management System. They define the step by step activities up to the task level where applicable. Many times, they are also called Critical Task Procedures or Safe Protocols.

Consultivo SOP development services help you to get the following benefits:

  • Expertly Mapped SOPs

Have your Standard Operating Procedures expertly mapped down to the desired level using Business Process Optimisation methods and industry best-practices

  • Improve your organisational Knowledge Retention

Helps you to improve your knowledge management (KM) process and build a robust backbone for process methodology

  • Serves as Training Materials

Use them as your employee training materials that will support them in their daily tasks

Expert and experienced team

Get access to a team of Business Process Optimization / Business Process Reengineering / Management Systems professionals, including project manager, SME (Subject Matter Expert), and communications team.

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