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Medha Basu

Lead – Communication at Consultivo


About Medha

Medha Basu currently serves as the Lead – Communication at Consultivo ( In her role, Medha primarily works on communication, engagement, first mile activities and data analytics.

She is having 5+ years of experience in the sustainability consulting and advisory sector. As a communication professional, she knows perfectly what it takes for successful communication.


After her studies, Medha started her career with digital engagement and business communications. She picked up the flair of sustainability communication with a diverse exposure with 100+ sustainability solutions. Few of the key activities she has put up with includes:


Sustainability communication

Her text mainly focuses on sustainable & ethical business, environmental & social governance – ESG, human rights, gender equity, social impact, occupational health & safety, and corporate social responsibility – CSR issues. Medha Basu ensures effective sustainability communication that engages investors, customers or employees as the key stakeholders, and aligns well with the company’s overall strategic objectives as defined by the sustainability action plan.

Medha believes that a genuine attitude lays the foundation for credible sustainability communication.

Medha Basu has worked on 200+ reports/knowledge papers/handbooks/impact decks/management dashboards. Medha aims to simplify technical content for decision making through language, data visualization, infographics, graphical representations etc.


Research and analytics

She is involved in primary research, surveys (quality/quantity), digital & onsite/field data capture, interviews, FGD and analytics. Medha worked on various Consultivo projects covering 1,00,000+ population in total.

Medha Basu is an enthusiast of Statistics, Data Science and Machine Learning. She works to transform data into insights and insights to value.


Purpose-driven brand engagement

She works for enhancing stakeholder brand perception and experience. Medha Basu has actively been a part of several knowledge drives and campaigns at Consultivo. Also, a volunteer/contributor to the Consultivo pro-bono initiatives.


Innovations @Consultivo

Medha has been working on/with the branding and experience of Consultivo proprietary tools/products – like Consultivo SMILe (Safety Culture Transformation Programme), Consultivo FireMap (360° Fire Safety Tool), ProtoSafe (Safety Audit Protocol) among others.


Solution experience, interface (UI/UX) and customer experience (CX)

Throughout her role, Medha aims to understand the human behavioural pattern as it plays a pivotal role to solve the challenges. To the core, striving to add value to the entire solution/customer journey.


Medha Basu is also a certified/trained professional in Presentation skills, Prevention Of Sexual Harassment (POSH) at the workplace, quality management systems (ISO 90001) and she is skilled in research, survey and interviewing techniques.

She is an active member of the Confederation of Indian Industry (CII) Startup & Innovation Task Force.

In her spare time, Medha likes to share her experiences or thoughts by contributing posts/blogs to platforms like UNICEF, Core Communique, Consultivo Blog, and others.

Medha is a promoter for child education, wildlife conservation, and responsible business. She is an active young U-Reporter in India (UNICEF). She volunteers in different social and environmental security programmes.

Also, she finds the time and means to tick off her travel and reading checklist.

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