Saikat Basu

CEO & Chief Mentor, Consultivo

About Saikat

Saikat, the believer in the word ”excellence” works for a better tomorrow for more than 30 long years. He is a sustainability professional with a passion for training, for supporting organisations to execute and deliver results. His logical transparent methodology easily overcomes the barriers of mindset and explore the synergies by embracing creativity in all levels of employees.

In his long professional journey of sustainability, he has grown in ESG, CSR, Business Excellence, and Risk Management domain across the horizon of 20+ countries. He brings his industry experience in leading major business performance transformations that deliver bottom-line impact in areas of sustainability and business excellence.

He is a mechanical engineer, started his career in the manufacturing industry and gathered experience in production, design, international projects, and quality assurance.

He has worked closely with 2000+ companies worldwide. He has conducted 1000+ training programmes and 1000+ audits across the globe. He believes ‘audit’ as a tool for improvement and has been a crusader to change the negative mindset of the industry of this ‘hated’ word.

Apart from being an auditor, trainer, and consultant, Saikat Basu nurtured himself as a result-driven implementer and an innovative leader who has the vision and ability to commercialise the ideas.

Saikat Basu is popularly known to the industry as “people’s man’. His deep listening attribute helps to develop the individual as a good team member, His value-based care support them to nurture, empower, and enable them to become the best of themselves.

There is no ‘I’ in a team, The team-building process is to tap the collective intelligence and convert it into the organisation’s success.

And this is how Saikat acts as a motivational agent, a seasoned executor with entrepreneurial zeal. So the secret sauce behind his model is-amalgamation of ethical, unbiased, transparent, technical competency mingled with trust-worthiness and global exposure.

Saikat Basu is also a part of several sustainability-award programme design & jury committee (SHE Award, Environmental Excellence, Social Impact). He is a passionate blogger and visiting faculty in academics.

A few vignettes from his journey…

Saikat Basu at CII safety symposium exposition 2018 during a media interaction

GLOBAL Experience

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