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Consultivo’s Integrity Pledge for good governance & corruption free India

To build a corruption-free society & nation, it’s important to imbibe the value of integrity in both individuals as well as organisations to uphold the Indian ethics & value system.

Consultivo’s Certificate of Commitment adopting the Integrity Pledge

This 9th November 2017, Consultivo has taken a step forward by adopting the Integrity Pledge to support the vision of Central Vigilance Commission for a corruption-free India. We, as an organisation believe in maintaining the integrity and commit ourselves to uphold the highest standards of integrity & good governance and follow ethical practices in conducting our activities.

The Integrity Pledge is a campaign by Central Vigilance Commission to encourage people & organisations to maintain integrity & eradicate corruption. In this 21st century, corruption has been one of the major obstacles to the social, economic & political progress of our country. So, in order to build a corruption-free society & nation, it’s important to imbibe the value of integrity in both individuals as well as organisations to uphold the Indian ethics & value system. The objective is to bring all the stakeholders such as Government, citizens and the private sector in line with the ethical value system and encourage them to work together for a better society.

Consultivo takes this pledge and actually believes in being committed to a better tomorrow and to nurture a better society. We acknowledge our responsibility to lead by example rather than words. We pledge to move forward by following ethical business practices and cultivate a culture of honesty and integrity, good corporate governance based on transparency, accountability & fairness, care & respect towards our employees.

This is not a recognition but a responsibility Consultivo undertakes to be committed and carry forward the legacy of its values & integrity. Many individuals & organisations have come forward to support the cause and incorporate the values & ethics in practice which is surely going to help the society in a positive & healthy way.

About Consultivo:

Consultivo is a management advisory and consulting firm helping global businesses in the areas of Sustainability, Business Excellence & Risk Management – both in strategic and operational level.

About Consultivo Academy

Consultivo Academy is the strategic business unit for training and capacity building services. It nurtures and enrich people potentials through interactive & solutions oriented courses both in conventional and new age e-learning platforms.

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